What we do

Since its inception in 2012, MITCH has organically grown its involvement in the Central Highlands community.

Initially starting with a series of 4 concerts held at different locations in the Trentham, Kyneton, Daylesford, Woodend and Macedon area, MITCH has added to its community programs an annual  Young Performers Award and the Young Musicians Support Fund.

This could not have been achieved without the ongoing generous support of our community, local business and organisations.


MITCH is very proud to announce that since it’s establishment on July 1st, 2012,  MITCH has donated $9,725.50 to the Central Highlands Musical Community.  We are very grateful to those who have so generously donated to MITCH,  to the owners of the venues who have made them available for the MITCH concerts, to those in the musical community who have given freely of their time and talents and of course our wonderful supporters without who MITCH could not exist.

Here are the details
2013              $550.00
2014            $2,976.50
2015            $3,912.00
2016            $2,287.00

$2,310       To the Young Musicians who performed at MITCH Concerts
$1,000        To schools in the Central Highlands
Trentham Primary School $300
Ballarat Grammar $100
Braemar College $100
Gisborne Secondary $100
Kyneton Secondary School $300
Sacred Heart, Kyneton $100
$1,789    Pianos in the Schools Program
Upright Piano at the Alice Miller School
Grand Piano at Trentham Primary School
$2,000      Music in the Churches  (2014, 2015)
$150        Young Performer Encouragement Award
2015        Rose Treed ($150)
$2,000     Young Performer of the Year Award
2013        Mitchell Lee ($500)
2014        Cooper Harwood ($500)
2014        Jose and the Coffee Mugs ($500)
2015        Thomas Williams ($500)
$150         Young Muscian Support Fund
$100         2014 Harp Congress
$226.50   Make Poverty History Concert

MITCH – Music in the Central Highlands – is an organisation focused on the promotion of fine music in the Central Highlands region of Victoria. Townships such as Trentham/East Trentham, Daylesford, Tylden, Woodend, Kyneton & Macedon/Mount Macedon all have a wealth of musical talent that MITCH encourages to perform, ranging from aspiring school children to seasoned, world class performers.

MITCH is committed to showcasing this musical talent in an accessible fashion for all of the Central Highlands community to enjoy and celebrate.

MITCH is a registered Not for Profit organisation. All proceeds from MITCH are channeled to creating educational opportunities for up and coming young performers in the region.

Enquiries in relation to the above can be via our Contact & Payment Page.