MITCH Performers


What does MITCH look for in its performers?

To be a performer and take part in the MITCH you need to:

  • Love music
  • Be a local to the central highlands area
  • Be comfortable in sharing your joy in music with other people from all walks of life.
  • Understand that you may well be performing in front of dozens, if not hundreds of people
  • Be humble and display a positive spirit in all your actions and behaviours

Whilst MITCH attracts its fare share of world class performers, the Music Committee places enthusiasm and a positive spirit of sharing back into the community above all else.

Your obligations and commitments as a Performer:

  • Positively and pro-actively reinforce and promote the community spirit of MITCH and ensure that environment prevails.
  • Remember that each person that attends a concert has likely paid for you to help deliver a memorable musical experience to them.

Before performing:

  • Familiarise yourself with the venue, and the people working at that particular location.
  • In many instances private residences are the venues. In this instance, the venue owner will be in touch with you to organise a time for you to visit the venue before hand so that you can work with them to create a suitable performing space.

During the performance:

  • Enjoy yourself! If you enjoy yourself, your audience enjoys themselves all the more, because they know you are relaxed and sharing something with them.
  • Do your best. If you make a mistake, but were doing your best, everyone knows and more importantly everyone is more grateful for the effort you have gone too. Your audience will be all the more appreciative of your endeavours.
  • Remain positive – calm, cheerful and focused. The audience will be supportive and encouraging.

Want to join us?

If you are interested in becoming a part of MITCH, whether performer or venue host, please get in contact with us. Being a part of the community is a lot of fun, you are rewarded for your effort and it is very satisfying knowing that you are contributing to the musical talent and artistic wealth of the area.