Feature Artist for 2016  Summer Concert Announced

MITCH is thrilled to announce that Pugsley Buzzard is the feature artist for the twilight Summer Concert to be held at David Bromley’s gallery in Daylesford on Saturday 20 February 2016. As with previous Summer Concerts, the concert will be held at a new venue and what a wonderful venue the David Bromley Gallery will  be.  MITCH is very grateful to those associated with the gallery for allowing MITCH to hold the Summer Concert there.

Pugsley Buzzard has been delighting audiences, far and wide, from the smokey jazz cellars of Berlin to the New Orleans French Quarter.  Pugsley has toured regularly in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasia playing up to 200 shows per year at bars, clubs and festivals.  Pugsley has a rich mesmerising voice that can make ladies sigh and grown men cry while accompanying  himself with dazzling boogie and blazing stride style piano. He performs both in solo format and with his band. Pugsley’s latest two albums have been featured on the ABC’s radio national album of the week. Pugsley also won an EWorld music award in the jazz blues category in 2011.