Peter Toohey Fundraising Concert for Trentham Primary School Review

MITCH would like to thank the many supporters of the Trentham Primary School, some of who travelled considerable distances to attend the concert.  It was wonderful afternoon of sublime music.  We would also particularly like to acknowledge the generosity of Steve Marriott,  the owner of the grand piano, currently located at Trentham Primary School and a very fine upright piano in use at John Marsden’s Candlebark School.  Steve has worked with Henry Vhynal,  MITCH’s music director to make it possible for MITCH to initiate the pianos in the schools program.
We would also like to thank and acknowledge Bronislaw and Maria Sozanski who are wonderful supporters of MITCH and are responsible for bringing Peter Toohey and many other fine young local musicians to MITCH’s attention.  Bronislaw has very kindly given us permission to publish his review of the concert.

Concert Review by Bronislaw Sozanski

The Music In The Central Highlands piano recital at the Trentham Primary School on November 15th was a significant event for the school. The grand piano there has been donated to MITCH and is being kept at the school to be used in its music program.

Peter Toohey, who grew up in Springbank and completed his Master in Music Performance at the University of Melbourne in 2014, gave an inspired performance of a program built around two great works from the Classical period, Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and Schubert’s “Wanderer Fantasy”. His technical mastery over these grand compositions and several of the Chopin Etudes was complemented by sensitive lyricism in the G flat Impromptu of Schubert, Debussy’s “Claire de Lune” and two delightful pieces from Michael Nyman’s score for the film “The Piano”. The power was never overstated, allowing the details of the music to speak directly to the audience.

The support that MITCH gives to young musicians in the district is of vital importance to the cultural wellbeing of the whole community. Peter Toohey’s recital demonstrated the great possibilities that exist for our young musicians through commitment and the right support.
Bronislaw Sozanski B.A. Dip.Ed. A.T.C.L.


Front Page ‘Trentham District Primary School 1588 Newsletter 19 18th November’

The Peter Toohey recital presented by MITCH (Music in the Central Highlands), an organization established to support local and emerging young musicians in the Central Highlands, was appreciated by members of the wider community.  I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to  MITCH and support their ongoing efforts to enhance opportunities for music appreciation for youn people in this area.

Liz Carmody

Trentham Primary School