Spring Concert 2014 – Performer UPDATE

With 10 days until our Spring 2014 Concert, MITCH is pleased to announce that in addition to Roesy, Irish singer/songwriter and the instrumental trio Antelodic, the young performers for the concert at historic Degraves Mill at Skelsmergh Hall are: “José and the Coffee Mugs”

José and the Coffee Mugs

A quartet of local guys playing the infectious music in the style of the great Django Reinhardt. The band is comprised of two acoustic guitars, and acoustic bass guitar and drum kit.

This variety of swing music is easy on the ears and provokes an endearing foot-tapping, head-nodding or finger-clicking action. Their music is free, elegant and slick, perhaps a reflection on the boys themselves.

All members: Brayden Smith, Lachy Leeds, Kyle Muir and Seb Antoine are students at Braemar College.”


Tickets are are still available!

As we have limited seating of 100 for this concert, those first to confirm their bookings by responding to this invitation will have the first chance of securing seats. In case anyone who has booked is suddenly unable to attend we will have a waiting list for those seats.

Please let us know if you are happy to go on that waiting list.


$25 – Adults,
$20 – Pensioners & Students (WITH PENSIONER/STUDENT CARD PLEASE)
$10 – Children  under 15 years.

Bookings to be made via return email.

We look forward to welcoming you.